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Killowen X BC Funky Cuts Rum 68.35%

An experimental exploration of highly funky cuts, collecting the hearts immediately after the fore shots allowing for wonderful fruity notes, leading to a different direction in all future rums from...
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Killowen Poitín

69.2% Malted Barley, 23% Un-malted (Green), 3.8% Maris Otter Malt, 2% Oat, 2% Wheat. Killowen Poitín can be enjoyed neat or as an ingredient in a cocktail. At Killowen, we...
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Aqua Vitae - Honey & Ginger

Off The Cuffee Aqua Vitae Ginger Honey takes the original recipe for Aqua Vita and gives it an effervescent twist! Made with additional honey, ginger, and lemon to make a...

Aqua Vitae 1324

Winner of Best Other Irish Spirit at Irish Whiskey Awards 2022! Aqua Vitae is the brainchild of Chris Hennessy (Head Bartender here in Brewery Corner & Jarrod Cuffe (Founder of...
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Two Stacks - Dram In A Can

The first to combine 5 styles of whiskey, 4 types of distillate, matured in 3 different cask. Our award winning complex blend was too good not to can for everyone’s...