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BeerEstrella Galicia

Estrella Galicia Gluten Free Lager 330ml Bottle

Estrella Galicia Gluten-Free is a bright gold coloured beer, produced using an enzyme to break down some proteins in the production process, gluten being among them.This beer features the crossed...
€2 RangeAustria

Stiegl Goldbrau Lager 500ml Can

Salzburg's liquid gold. Stiegl-Goldbräu is a traditional Salzburg beer specialty with 12° Plato and a characteristic golden-yellow color. A full-bodied beer with a gentle bitterness brewed using indigenous ingredients. Wonderfully...

Estrella Galicia Premium Lager 330ml Bottle

Born in 1972 as “Especial Rivera”, Estrella Galicia Cerveza Especial is our premium beer that would soon become our breweries flagship brand. Representing years of dedication to our craft and...
€2.75 RangeBeer

O'Hara's Irish Lager 500ml Bottle

A traditional lager which has been craft brewed at O’Hara’s for maximum flavour. Hopped several times to create a unique blend of textures and aromas, O’Hara’s Helles is higher in...